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Lots of Projects

F&I Red

I’m working on lots of little projects that I need to get done before Christmas. Some are gifts, others are display pieces for the store to promote the class(es) I’ll be teaching. It shouldn’t really take me too long, but I’ve been so tired lately, and I’m finding it difficult to get motivated. I’ll be so glad when the days start to get longer. Still haven’t gotten the sewing room cleaned up, just enough to get a few things done.

The first project in the series of beginner classes I’ll be teaching is a pillowcase using the “Burrito Method”. It makes an enclosed seam for the pillowcase edge. Then it’s sewn together with a french seam.


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The Most Interesting...

Sewing Dog
I don't always take the dog for a 3.5 mile walk in 32 degree weather, but when I do, I come back home with fabric.



Nothing much fun going on. Just getting sick. And cleaning for Thanksgiving at my house. Yay.
Feeling super fat, but I know that's partly due to Aunt Flo, and not walking C2 to school in below freezing temps. 45 is ok. 32, is not. Right now the wind is gusting and throwing around pladtic lawn furniture like a volly ball. Yay.

Happy Halloween!

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IMG_20141022_124955Ok, so yeah, it’s after Halloween, but it was a long, fun weekend. Halloween night was rainy, blustery and cold. I didn’t get a good picture of my son in his Trick-Or-Treating outfit, but it was mostly hidden by his coat. It was cold enough to need an extra layer, and rainy enough to need something water resistant.  But my kid is Michigan made through and through. Needing to come home to warm up, get a pair of gloves and a heavier coat didn’t deter him from switching out parents and going down another two blocks after having knocked on 4 blocks of houses. Some people didn’t get very many kids, I figure we got more than 75. Less than last year, more than most people. Our neighborhood has lots of young kids and grandparents.

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So all in all, it was a great year, and not even rain, wind, and cold could dampen our Halloween Spirits. Looking forward to next year!


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F&I Red

annaI found a black velvet dress with a gold waistband at a yard sale, still with the price tag on it.

I knew I needed to make a Princess Anna dress with it.

The little girl’s Mom already got a long sleeved t-shirt to wear underneath.

It’s not supposed to be anything for a costume contest, just something to make a little girl feel like she can dress up like a princess.

I just hope the fleece cape will keep her warm enough during trick-or-treating.




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